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Knowledge, Punctuality and Integrity

To ensure that the core values of NABCO are achieved i.e. Knowledge, Punctuality and Integrity (KPI), the mobile application would be used by NABCO Trainees to improve the monitoring and evaluation processes at NABCO Secretariat.

NABCO Mobile App

How it works

Clock-In and Clock-Out at Work.

It is mandatory for NABCO Trainees to be Punctual at work. This feature will be used to track attendance of Trainees by using the specified coordinates of the agency a NABCO Trainee has been assigned to.

Training Courses.

It is mandatory for NABCO Trainees to enroll into training courses in their skills development. Specific number of courses are to be taken within the course of the month of assessment.

Report Submission.

It is mandatory for NABCO trainees to complete the periodic status report on their activities by providing information on task assigned, task completed and task pending.

Simple Features

.Attendance Tracking

.Manage NABCO Account


Online Courses.

Report Submission.

Quick Notification.

Lets's see some quick screens

NABCO Mobile App is here

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